Any complaints, suggestions or compliments are to be made to the Managing Director in person, post, telephone, fax or e-mail.

Report Corruption

Toll Free telephone numbers

020 2000718/020 2000719/020 2000720

The Corporation has committed itself to the following complaints handling process:
Operate a customer care office.
Maintain a register/file of complaints.
Maintain a complaints/suggestion boxes.
Guarantee confidentiality and privacy in respect of complaint’s identity and substances of complaint to safeguard the rights of clients.
Response to complaints.
NB: Complainants are requested to identify themselves given the practical difficulties of handling anonymous grievances.

KOFC is a State Corporation and any member of the public or any stakeholder can raise any issue relating to service delivery by writing to the Managing Director.

At the same time the Corporation expects its clients to:
Treat staff with respect and courtesy.
Create an enabling environment for provisioning services/products.
Speedy settlement of outstanding debts owed to the Corporation.
The Corporation commits itself to carry out periodic review of the charter in consultation with its clients and stakeholders to enable it to improve its services and meet emerging challenges.
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