General Engineering Division  
This include machine manufacture, servicing and fabricating.
The capabilities of our machine assembly workshop include:
Turning and thread making of parts up to diameters of 90 mm and lengths of 600 mm.
Three dimension Profile machining of parts of up to 200 mm length, and weighing 50 Kgs.
Drilling Minimum diameters of up to 0.3 mm.
Cutting of spiral, splined, bevel and spur gears, shafts, die blocks, inserts, key ways, sprockets, punches and dice among others.
Chrome plating.
Heat treatment of products at various temperatures to a maximum of 1200 degrees Celsius.
More Products
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5.56 X 45 mm Blank Star| 9 X 19 mm PARABELLUM|General Engineering Division |
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