Small arms ammunition  
7.62 X 51 mm Blank Star (Blank cartridge)
Cartridge does not have a bullet. The neck has the shape of a bullet and is crimp-closed. Used in rifles and machine guns fitted with blank firing attachments for training of personnel and regimental salutes.
Typical Weapon Technical Features
Machine Guns, M60, M240 and other compatible systems Description
Blank Catridge idetified by a rosset crimp painted green and the absence of a bullet.

General Information
Primer.....Percussion Boxer
Propellant Type....Ball Powder

1 cardboard box contains 50 cartridges
1 wooden box has 24 C/board boxes
1 pallet contains 18 wooden boxes
Gross weight of wooden box: 28kg
Minimum quantity for purchase is 1 pallet

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